GV Krishna Reddy led GVK EMRI saved lakhs of lives amidst the pandemic

While most of the Indians stayed in their homes during the lockdown, Covid-19 warriors at GVK EMRI risked their lives to save hundreds of thousands since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Part of the social service arm of the GVK Group — GVK Foundation, GVK EMRI has established state-of-the-art emergency ambulance services across the nation in 15 states and two Union territories, in a unique PPP model. When the Covid-19 pandemic spread to India, GVK EMRI employed its deeply rooted infrastructure to help the governments in containing the spread of the deadly virus.. Since the first case was detected in Kerala at the beginning of 2020, ambulances of GVK EMRI that have been operating across 15 states and two UTs, have pitched in with the additional task of transporting Covid-19 suspects and patients to the designated hospitals.

As per the data available, it has transferred over 2.56 lakh people with suspected Covid-19 symptoms through its ambulances. Transporting an average of 3,336 suspected patients every day until 31 May 2020.
However, by December, 2020, GVK EMRI cumulatively reported nearly 15 lakh Covid-19 linked transfers.  Average per day Covid-19 transfers were around 7000. It touched a peak of 10,000 per day. Currently it has declined to around 1400 per day. 

Initially, a total of 5,730 ambulances were deployed for transporting the people and they were segregated under dedicated and non-dedicated Covid-19 ambulances. While 2,276 ambulances were earmarked under the dedicated category, 3,454 were marked as non-dedicated ones. The concept of dedicated ambulances identified at the beginning of the pandemic is now slowly getting diluted, as per the government protocols.

Dr. GV Krishna Reddy basically comes from a village background of Kothuru in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh and has seen the suffering of poor people.He always felt that he should help in improving the health, education, and basic facilities that would benefit a large number of needy underprivileged individuals and social institutions. Thus, the GVK Foundation came into being with this objective of supporting the underprivileged in our society.

With the state-of-the-art infrastructure at GVK EMRI, it was able to align itself with the growing demand for emergency response services pertaining to Covid-19. Consequently, GVK EMRI achieved a milestone while transferring the patients to the government identified Covid-19 isolation centres and hospitals. 

Moreover, the integration of Covid-19 in the list of emergencies into the mobile application system helped the service to rapidly work towards the rising demands flawlessly. The data collected through the app helped GVK EMRI to enhance the effectiveness of its emergency response services. 

On the one hand, GVK EMRI was serving the nation through its emergency response services, on the other, Dr. GV Krishna Reddy along with the GVK Group was actively donating to the governments to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. 

Recently, a regional manager of GVK EMRI, Mohamed Bilal told The Hindu, “A larger number of callers were patients with COVID-19. Similarly, many pregnant women utilised the ambulances and we took them mainly to government hospitals.” Thousands such staffers like Mohamed Bilal of the GVK EMRI served the nation dedicating their lives to the service of those in need of urgent hospitalization.

 For rendering such selfless service to the nation, the Team at GVK EMRI  was praised by Dr. GV Krishna Reddy for all their hard work, patience and perseverance.

Source: IndianCEO


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